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Jacquard collar knitting pattern Pyukkleen by Ysolda Teague

Jacquard collar knitting pattern Pyukkleen by Ysolda Teague

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The Pyukkleen jacquard collar

This pattern allows you to knit a jacquard collar, with fairly thick yarn. It will be warm and comfortable. It's up to you to choose your favorite colors!

Ysolda Teague is one of the best-known knitting designers, notably with her flagship model, the Ishbel shawl. She offers us original models with attention to detail and a lot of creativity in construction and knitting techniques.

the boss's presentation

The original pattern in English is printed on Bristol sheets. The translation is added separately.

The dimensions

circumference: 72cm

height: 28cm

The yarn needed to knit the pattern

aran son

less than 100m in 6 colors.

The necessary equipment

circular needle 5.5mm, length 60cm

marker rings


the technique

  • temporary hook assembly
  • knit in jacquard

photo credit: Ysolda Teague

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