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Peonies and Butterflies Knitting Markers

Peonies and Butterflies Knitting Markers

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Knitting jewelry: stitch markers

This lovely set includes 6 different markers, stored in a small matching metal box:

2 20mm medallion markers, one with a wide ring and one removable.

2 12mm medallion markers, 1 of which is removable, and 1 fixed with a small ring.

1 removable butterfly marker.

1 large ring bead marker.

**If you prefer only removable markers, or small or large rings, let me know in the comments, I can change the marker hooks on request.

This will make a very nice gift for a knitter.

The marker rings or "markers" are essential for following your knitting, identifying the different zones, locating the start of the round when knitting in the round.

Its lightness will not hinder your knitting.

The rings are made in France by Made in Laine in small series.

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