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Halloween Party Glass Buttons

Halloween Party Glass Buttons

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Halloween Party Collection

Plate of 2 glass buttons.

Small series production by hand Made in Wool. France.

Want deliciously retro buttons? To add a little touch of exception to your handmade works?

These buttons are made for you. You will never tire of looking at the small images trapped in their glass globe.

These buttons are not particularly fragile, but they are made of glass. You will therefore need to reserve them for your hand-washable items, or even for embroidery items that you do not wash because the metal can oxidize if you leave the button wet (in this case I recommend wiping it as soon as you get out of it). water and wrap it in a thin cloth to keep it dry).

Both objects are made of aged bronze metal and glass.

Made in Wool production in small series. Made in France.

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